King Elros of Númenór (elrosofnumenor) wrote,
King Elros of Númenór

Yup yup, I'm here.

Today everyone gathers in the capital city of Númenor for a very sad sad event. In some places the royalty have time to watch TV, be funny, chase swans, have mad orgies, get cursed by spiderladies, and, um, such. But not here. No no. We've been busy fighting off the mysteeerious goblin invasion.

And noooobody lifted a bloody finger to help. Except our closest allies, the valiant Corsairs of Umbar.

But tragedy has struck, my people!!

Lazy Blacksail, the Great Queen of Umbar, has fallen in battle.

We await the arrival of her appointed Heir, Daisy Gamgee, before we can begin the funeral ceremony. Our fastest ships have been dispatched! Go ships go!

I'll just be over here mourning and stuff.

Amandil, where's my coffee?
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