King Elros of Númenór (elrosofnumenor) wrote,
King Elros of Númenór

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Desperate times!!

I have a hostage.

If she does not undelete my boy in two days, I will be forced to execute her. I really mean that I am not just going to cry and beg. I swear. And post incriminating photos of Vardamir with Elanor Gamgee.

Like so:

Except, you know, ones that actually are incriminating.

I really do have one some!!

Not that this has anything to do with Elanor! Elanor is wonderful! Everone loves her! Including Vardamir, I guess, but that's beside the point! No, it isn't. Shucks. I just want my son back. :( :( :(

*sniffles* I want my parents. *sniffle sniffle* ;_;
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